UNBALANCED. 1 out of 52. Not half. Not equally divided into fourths. 1/52. Sometimes I get lost in trying to live a balanced life of equally dividing my time between work, kids, husband, play, self care, and other things that I never realized how amazing the UNBALANCED life is.

Somewhere between the Blair Witch hike we took that was marked .25 miles but ended up being closer to 4 and me realizing that I have, in fact, turned into my mother as I laugh and mutter to myself about the cards I am going to play in Cards Against Humanity I realized that it took one singular weekend to rejuvenate my soul. To make me laugh so hard I cried. To talk about everything from dumpster fire 2020 to relationships and parenting. To understand that there are people who see me for who I am and who I have always been (20 years of friendship later) and accept it.

Maybe the joy isn't in splitting our time evenly and trying to have the same thing on both sides of the scale. Maybe the UNBALANCED is what it is all about.

May we have infinitely more joyful moments than sad. Attend more weddings and baby showers than funerals. Have days of health that outnumber sick days. More moments of surprise than shock. More tears from laughter than sadness.

Maybe....just maybe we can find more times that 1 out of 52 is the exact kind of UNBALANCED number we needed for a happy heart all along.

#bemointentions #mantramonday

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