I want to teach my kids to be kind, to stand up for others, to try their best, that it is okay to cry and okay to fail. I can only hope my mistakes won't stand as what they learn from me. I hope that my constant singing and dancing bring them joy and that they can't always see when I hold back tears as they fight back their own when they are in pain or scared.
Yesterday I spent 10 hours at the hospital- Danny boy is fine, but has a skin/tissue infection on his ankle- and it was one of the best unplanned Danny/Mama days we have had. We sat and talked and watched movies and he rolled with every single thing....until the MRI. He was scared, and so was I. I held his hand and calmed him down. We squeezed hands to the rhythm of the clicks and bangs. 10 hours in the hospital isn't ideal, but at the end I realize that while I am teaching Danny kindness and New Math (what?!) He is teaching me to be brave, to be fearless, to roll with the punches, and that an unplanned day at the hospital can make you in awe of a 9 year who is turning into everything you want him to be.

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