STEP BACK. When my oldest was just under a year I decided I needed to do the laundry right that second. Not when he napped, not when he was in bed or securely fastened in his high chair. We headed out the back door and as I went to grab his little hand he stepped down and since I was balancing the laundry basket on my hip I missed. He fell head over heels down 6 wooden steps onto the landing. I will never EVER forget the sound and the way my stomach felt at that moment. There wasn't a scratch on him- confirming that children have their own guardian angels sometimes. All these years later I still have trouble taking a step back from what needs to be done right now.

What I HAVE learned is that laundry can wait. I don't need silence to unroll my mat. I don't need an hour to practice. I don't need calming music *turns up anything by Leona Lewis* I can do yoga with two of my boys happily building Legos in the next room. I can leave my house a mess. I can design for this season not next. I can leave my hectic life at the door to make space for those who took the time out of their day to come to class. I can let E play 15 more minutes at the McDonalds play place. I can take a STEP BACK. I can be there for any hand that needs held and still take care of myself.
Take a step back. Put the basket down. Crank some music and breathe. And if you fall...and fall you might....maybe quit running forward. STEP BACK.

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