REMIND. I was fired, cast in my first paid show, and got engaged in the same week. It was a roller coaster of emotions. I was fired sitting at a small table by the Dunkin Donuts of the Merchandise Mart from a job I had come to hate, but yet I was crying. Not crying, bawling. Tears streamed down my face and I kept having to grab another Dunkin napkin to wipe my nose as people tried not to stare. I had never been fired before. (I had also never been told while I was being fired 'you would really like who we hired for you'- yes- I thought it was odd too) I was an outside Salesperson for rugs. Expensive rugs. My first sale was a $17,000 rug...yes for the floor...that people were just going to walk on! I could barely afford my car payment at the time. I left the Mart that day not upset that I was fired, but upset that I had been rejected. I drove straight to meet @geoffreyacarlson where we toasted not having to work there anymore even though tears still stained my face. Today- 11 years later- the location of the Mart is a place that has brought me such great joy and accomplishment. The Dunkin isn't even there anymore but the reminder is. The reminder that things happen for a reason and a place of such disappointment may be a place of joy someday. I try to remind myself of how far I have come. Remind myself of the life I have created and remind myself that every day I will encounter people who may have just gotten fired, cast in a show, or engaged (or an emotional state comparable to). I REMIND myself that I could sell $17,000 rugs without heart or I can pour my WHOLE self into designing, teaching, and creating. REMIND yourself that your yesterday brought you to today and that's okay- even if it involves a snot nosed encounter sitting by a Dunkin Donuts.

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