PREPARE. I was putting the sheets away and there they were. Placed in the closet at the lake house where we have celebrated Christmas for the past 10+ years were presents. Christmas presents for a holiday that is over six months away.

My Aunt has always started to PREPARE for the following Christmas the second the previous one was over. She listens to those around her and then finds that oddly specific gift just for them. The discovery of these gifts stopped me for a moment though.

She seems to have started, or was farther along shopping this year. How do you PREPARE to leave this earth at a completely unexpected time? She had answered that question for me- you make sure if you aren't here at Christmas your loved ones will still receive one last gift from you.

PREPARE. It brings comfort. It brings the ease of being able to control a few simple things in a world full of the unexpected. I can't help but explore with a heavy and open heart all the ways I PREPARE for things.

On my mat I focus so much on my breath. I make it loud and draw it inward as much as I can so when it isn't deep and useful off my mat I can PREPARE to return to the one I practiced.

I pack for trips days in advance. I try to prepare for all the scenarios of a trip- will I need extra shoes? Dress clothes? Yoga clothes? Extra Dramamine for the flight? How do you PREPARE for a trip you have never been on? Well, the best you can. The act of packing to PREPARE to leave my home is something that puts me at ease. I know I have thought out what might happen and if I arrive without my toothbrush- which has happened- something about the week I spent trying to PREPARE puts me at ease and allows me to not panic.

I can't help but think back at the past year and see all the places it will help PREPARE me for the next year and a half. I hope I keep those lessons as I move forward.

PREPARE. It is a breath. A favorite dress packed for an impromptu dinner. A hope that you can hold on to a slower pace.

Presents for a holiday months away that you may get to be thanked in person for....or not.

May you be PREPARED for all the things you are unprepared for. ❤️

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