POCKETS. The pocket in my brain for trivial pursuit facts has a hole in it....and I am okay with it. There is not a place where I can store random details about an NHL team or the height of various mountains. Instead, the little pockets of brain carry memories and thoughts and advice and stories that I can take out and hold when I need them:

Family Pocket- I once asked my dad what I wanted to do with my life and he responded with the best answer ever 'I don't know. What do I want to do with mine?'

Anti-anxiety Pocket- Watch your breath. This is a newly added favroite piece of calm repeated in class by @jfstemper on Sunday night at @wildlight.yoga.

Useful Pocket- My grandfather taught me to wrap my paint brush in a plastic bag if I was going to use it again the next day so I wouldn't constantly be washing and drying it.

I am always working on not filling some of the pockets so full- Regret, impatience, fear- and then sometimes I can move a memory from one to the other.

Regret to Acceptance Pocket- I have not spoken to my older sister on the phone or in person in over two years. We text and send messages and even mail gifts and cards every once in awhile. The sound of her voice is still strong in my ears, my heart holds a place for her. The 'I wish we' transformed into 'I love that we'.

Fill your pockets. Move the memories. Let the hole in a pocket not needed empty it.

I love pockets....whether in my brain or on a dress. I hope you fill all of your useful pockets today and pull the items out as you need them♥️.

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