'I love you.'
'I know you do.'
Then she exited the car and headed into the hospital.

Aunt Sue Ann had sent me her Aldi LIST a few days before. We used to roam the 5 isles of Aldi like it was Bloomingdales. She had started chemo again and had to quit going out and about. She is a fellow thrifter and Aldi lover. We have that in common. I knew exactly where everything on her LIST was and knew we would have just enough time to chat before we grabbed lunch and headed to her appointment.

I arrived and she had brought the walker down- despite me telling her multiple times that her LIST had ten items and I promised I could carry it. She put the groceries away, we visited and she told me the lunch plan. I started to LIST other places like #californiapizzakitchen as an option in the future and before I could finish my sentence she said 'Lets go. let's go there' You don't LIST restaurants when you have stage four cancer. You go to them.... especially after your latest ailment was a sharp shooting pain under your ribs when you started laughing that they confirmed is the spreading cancer (add that to the LIST of reminders that she was sick).

We went to eat. She loved it. We chatted and then hit the road. On to her appointment. I couldn't go in with her but I would get her as close to the door as I could.

LISTS. For groceries. For restaurants. For ailments.

'I love you.'
'I know you do.' She said.

Add that to my growing LIST of Aunt Sue Ann responses that really mean 'thank you and I love you' and make complete sense when you really get to know her. ♥️

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