It Matters.

IT MATTERS. She walked right into my booth where I stood crocheting and stood there for a moment smiling. I looked up and cheerfully greeted her. She paused and said, 'What you are doing brings a lot of joy. The things you make bring joy.' I teared up immediately and just like that she sauntered out of my booth smiling. IT MATTERS. It matters that you do the things you love and share them with others. IT MATTERS that I let the kids pretend to work out with me for the five minutes they kept interest. IT MATTERS that on a random Wednesday night I chose to spend time with J and drink Prossecco instead of work on my computer. IT MATTERS that you are here and you are seen and you are heard. IT MATTERS that we don't always feel this way and need to be reminded.

IT MATTERS that this woman took the time to stop and tell me that what I do brings joy. It was such a simple thing. It took thirty seconds. May I find more ways to show myself and others that IT MATTERS. ❤️

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