HONOR. The first line of Amazing Grace caught in my throat. I knew it would. I averted my eyes away from the flag covered box, the aunts and uncles, my children, and the rest of the large group that gathered to honor him. I turned my gaze to the desert cemetery and took a breath. Next to me was a man who fought in two wars seeing sites I can't imagine and yet sang Oh What a Beautiful Morning as loud as he could to wake us up in the morning. He spoke with passion and conviction to his weekly Bible study class. He commanded respect thru his words and actions and loved his grandchildren unconditionally. He taught me to work hard, to love big, and to always ALWAYS honor who I was made to be. In his final years he stumbled and would lose his balance but I never once saw him not turn into a new 'dance move he had been working on' that ended with a cowboy boot stomp and a clap. By the second line of the song the words found their place. The first line was sadness that was stuck...the rest of the lines would honor a man I miss with my whole heart. May we find the song behind the lump. May we find the dance in the stumble. May we find the strength to sing after a war. May I remember to honor everything that has led us to this moment. It is where we were meant to be. #honor #grandpa #amazinggrace #intentionsetting #intentions #mantra #ohwhatabeautifulmorning

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