ENOUGH. It was 8ish years ago when I arrived at @yoganowchicago for the very first Yoga Teacher Training class. I sat next to @jenandfifi on the heated bench in the lobby still very unsure of how this would all go. When we went around to say why we were all there, I heard some of the most amazing stories of healing, pain, sorrow, confidence, and the yoga practice that got them thru it all. When it was my turn I felt silly. I didn't have a story. Sure I had practiced a little prenatal yoga here and there but if I was being truly honest I still didn't know if Yoga was a religion and if chanting 'om' was something like singing a hymn. I didn't know that my first class I would take (called Ashtanga) after the training began would leave me in tears and defeated because how could I ever teach a practice that I couldn't even do myself?! Weeks before I had told my husband I wanted to teach yoga and his reply was 'You must be serious about it because that is the third time you said it.' I didn't remember telling him the first two times (what? I'm chatty and have lots of ideas! 🤣). 8 years later my story IS the story of how I teach yoga. Sometimes you don't find the thing you love, it finds YOU. Let it be ENOUGH that you chose to do something simply because you wanted to. Let it be enough that you showed up, you may have cried a little but you got through it. Let it be MORE than ENOUGH that you don't have a reason for every single thing your heart wants to do but you follow it anyways. Find friends like @jenandfifi that give you the courage and confidence to know that you are ENOUGH. Lastly, let your story be enough for you to tell it and share it because you never know who in your life doesn't feel like THEIR story is enough. It is..it sooooo is.

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