ANSWER. I should have known the ANSWER would be breastmilk. My title of mom had only been received three weeks prior but after a call to the doctor about what seemed to be a blocked tear duct she reccomended we put breastmilk on it. The liquid gold of babies. I swear it would heal everyone if we could just spray it on right now with a crop duster plane flying overhead.
So the ANSWER was breastmilk. I didn't bother to ask anything further. Breastmilk came from me so the most logical way was to manage to get some of it in his eye directly from me. In our defense we were tired newbies to all of this and Joe had no other offerings as to the 'how' either.
We waited until right before a feeding (the food factory at its fullest!) and Joe cradled D's tiny head and neck and held him under me. I was full enough to wrap my hands and apply just enough pressure to squeeze some drops out ending with a small shake to get them to release as I leaned over top of his face. Joe's job was to shift, move, tilt, and catch that precious milk in the eye of this small thing so he could heal. I will give you a moment to take in the site of Joe holding a baby under me squeezing my right breast (always the fullest one) and trying to 'final out in the last inning of the playoffs' catch the ANSWER. I should mention within an hour after this charade we realized there are no less than 4 better ways to get that healing potion in his eye.

The ANSWER. Sometimes that's all we have. We don't have the steps. We don't have the directions. We know deep down in our guts that to begin to heal, to move on, to succeed, to let go, or to simply accept we will make it to the ANSWER any way we can. My brain is a bustling place of schedules and emails and numbers and things I want to do so when even one single ANSWER to that shows up I throw the rule book out and get it done.

May the ANSWER to what you need right now not require you to judge how you get there. May you squeeze, shimmy, shake and get just enough healing into those eyes to move on and feel whole again. ♥️

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