ANANDA. It means joy, bliss, or happiness. When I first started doing yoga and the teacher said to 'set an intention' I would always think about two things: patience and world peace. No, I am not joking. Both of them are very lofty goals. My fuse is fairly short and my boys would probably tell you that I yell a lot 🤣

At this very moment my middle son has a temperature of 102 degrees. Joe and the other two headed off to the Christmas concert without me where Eddie will sing for the first time at it. I always tear up. Christmas and my singing children are two of my pieces of 'ananda'.

Here I sit on the couch and in the bathroom I can hear my middle son sniffing and coughing and then a slow quiet sound. He is howling. Howling like a wolf as he lays in the water because he can hear the echo against the tub. ANANDA.

World peace and patience? Yes, those would be great to have but maybe to get there I need to find the little specific pieces of ANANDA along the way- my three sons at Halloween, double crochet stitches, an amazing husband who knows I lack patience, hot coffee with a touch of whole milk after class, the song Next to Me, thrifted $1.70 pink shoes, custom designs for a birthday girl, .....a slow quiet howl from a 7 year old in a bathtub.

What is one of your pieces of ANANDA?

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