ADDRESS. It caught me off guard and the lump in my throat was immediately there.

I haven't sent Christmas cards in years. I just don't make it a priority so they don't get sent. That's okay. In fact, I might have been one offspring less the last time I sent them. So I hadn't seen the page in years.

There on the second page of the 'B' addresses it read Ray and Kathryn Bell. Two of the best grandparents anyone could ask for that passed a few years ago. There would be no Holiday card headed to Arizona with a pic of their three Mocarski great grandchildren in it .

My heart broke a little staring at the ADDRESS in the book and then I was flooded with something else.

During Mugs and Mantras last week @amychasse said her mantra has been 'See the Good'. It was hidden but here it was....the good....peeking thru an ADDRESS that someone else was now living at.

The ADDRESS was no longer where they lived. They live in the smell of fresh baked rolls on Sundays when we would visit. They live in the stand and salute when the Marine Corps hymn is played. They live in a Christmas tree decorated in mostly blue and silver. They live in cowboy boots. They live in periwinkle coolots my grandmother used to wear.

I am so sorry for the ADDRESS of those we love and have lost, but may your heart see the good in all the places they now live.

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